Postal Pistol & Rifle League

A postal match is a match which competitors fire on their home ranges using targets which have been marked for identification. The fired targets are then sent to NRA for scoring and ranking for awards. The NRA conducts various postal matches, many of which are in cooperation with national and fraternal organizations. Newberg Rifle and Pistol Club (NRPC) participates in the Inland Empire Rifle and Pistol Association’s (IERPA) postal league.

The Pistol Postal League season is 10 weeks long with 1 set of targets due each week. The Camp Perry course of fire for indoor/rimfire/50feet is a total of 30 rounds with 10/target per week. There is flexibility in when targets are shot, they can be arranged/shot ahead of the league season.

The cost is typically between $1-7 per person entry fee for the whole season plus range fees. You have the potential to earn a trophy, medal, and/or bragging rights until the next season.

New shooters of all skill levels are always welcome! All scores are handicapped so whether someone is new to pistol shooting or a master class shooter, anyone can contribute to the team’s win by simply shooting better than they did in the last match. The IERPA league (you can visit for additional details and past years scores) consists of teamsKerry Spurgin 2012 from WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, ID, and MT. All teams are bucketed into brackets of about 10 teams based on week 1-3 scores. The competition is within each of the brackets, so you are paired with teams of similar ability. New shooters are excellent since their improvement and growth over a season can really help the team.

Each team consists of 4 shooters. Last year NRPC had 3 teams (12 shooters). The teams aren’t “locked in”. The top 4 shooters of one week are on team 1, the next 4 on team two, and so on. The next week, the teams are whomever has the highest 4 scores, people are able to move between teams as their skill progresses. Both new and seasoned shooters are always learning new techniques, sharing thoughts on marksmanship, and learning other viewpoints from their teammates.

The equipment requirement is any .22 caliber rimfire pistol. An off the shelf or stock Ruger .22/.45, Browning Buckmark, etc. are all quite common and perform very well. Red dot and holographic sites are allowed, if you prefer those over iron sites, just no scopes or magnification. Two magazines are preferable, but not required.

If you have interest, please contact NRPC.