CHL Certification

The Newberg Rifle and Pistol Club is the premier training facility for concealed handgun certification in the Portland Metro area. Our instructors have extensive NRA certifications and combine the disciplines of law enforcement, military, and civilian shooting to provide the student with a unique learning experience.  Additionally we offer a live fire segment at no additional charge.  Coached live fire is something very few training facilities offer as part of certification training.

Upon successful completion of the course participants will receive the documentation required to apply for the following:

Oregon Concealed Handgun License
Utah Concealed Firearms Permit
Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit
Florida Concealed Weapon License

The Utah, Arizona and Florida permits are useful for travelers as they are honored in many more states then the Oregon CHL.  The cost schedule for endorsements is:

Oregon $50.00
Oregon plus one other state $100
Oregon plus two other states $130
All four states $160
One state without Oregon $80
Two states without Oregon $115
Three states without Oregon $150

Classroom instruction is expected to last three to four hours depending on endorsements. Live fire is conducted at our indoor range under the supervision of the Chief Range Officer.  Individual coaches will assist each shooter participating in the exercise.  It is suggested the participants bring their own handgun and fifty rounds of factory new ammunition.  Each personal firearm will be inspected to ensure it is fully functional and in safe condition for use in the live fire exercise.

The concealed handgun course is presented Quarterly on the third (3rd) Saturday of: January, April, July and October.  The course is conducted at NRPC’s Indoor Range located at 15955 NE Quarry Rd, Newberg, OR 97132  Please check the calendar for the next available class.

For more detailed information about the course and a pre-registration form with instructions, please download the CHL Registration Form.

For questions about the course and content, contact NRPC President John Harris or (503)680-6812.