Defensive Pistol

Defensive Pistol Course

The NRA Defensive Pistol Course is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and attitude to responsibly carry and use a concealed pistol safely, ethically and with confidence for personal protection. This 4 hour course focuses on technique and the development of a defensive mindset.

A NRA certified instructor authorized to teach this course will interview each prospective student to determine if he/she has sufficient background and skills to take this course.

Range time includes presenting from a quality strong side hip holster, performing speed reloads and immediate action drills, clearing malfunctions, and engaging targets.

Students will need the following:

A suitable defensive pistol
Strong side outside the waistband belt holster for the pistol that will be used
A belt able to support the pistol
Additional magazines (at least four are recommended)
Belt mounted magazine holder if available
200 rounds of factory new ammunition
Eye and ear protection

This is a fast paced shooting course with many drills. The instructors will emphasize movement and the use of cover.  The FBI Qualification target will be used and a passing score must be achieved.

Interested individuals can contact John Harris at or call (503) 680-6812.